About THAT kid….

I recently read this and it made me a little pissed.  Ok, a lot pissed.  This is why…

What I can tell you about THAT kid is that my child has been his target since kindergarten. THAT kid gets compassion and a million chances and with each and every one runs over and throws my child’s favorite toy that he brings for comfort into a mud puddle. He throws my child’s lunch box over the school fence. While I try to explain to my hurting child that it isn’t about him THAT kid rips up the drawing he made for me.

What I can tell you about my child is that he started having anxiety attacks in kindergarten, by first grade he was self harming, by second he was convinced that he couldn’t breath because of asthma attacks that were really pure anxiety attacks so raw that he wasn’t breathing and causing his 02 saturation to drop. By third grade his outbursts were so violent and heart wrenching that they filled my entire soul with a crushing desperation to help my son. Then he was diagnosed with Autism.

THAT kid is allowed to stand at his desk, pace the classroom, help the vice principal and be rewarded. My child is excluded from events when all his homework isn’t turned in.  He can’t bring his pets in to show off while THAT kid got to bring in his.

I have requested that THAT kid not be in my sons class.  With 4 other grade level teachers you would think that was possible but once again THAT child’s needs came before mine.  THAT kid needs human growth hormone and a high calorie diet because he is so undersized while my child doesn’t know his own strength and once in a fog of anesthetic wrestled 5 grown women into the ground.  When THAT kid finally pushes my child to the limit and he hurts THAT kid.  My child is going to be called a monster for hurting someone so much smaller than him.

I understand why THAT kid is the way he is, I understand his shitty parents messed him up.  Some of it was probably before birth and some after because his adoptive parents are children who can’t play nice with each other for the sake of their child.  That doesn’t make it better.  That doesn’t make it ok for the school to boost his needs above my child’s needs.  My son’s Autism isn’t my fault or something we can control but we are the one’s paying for THAT kid’s parent’s mistakes.

So while you are asking me to keep all those things in mind about THAT kid, don’t be surprised that I don’t give a damn.


2 thoughts on “About THAT kid….

  1. I am so terribly sorry that my post upset you. It sounds like you have travelled a long road with your son. I did want to gently suggest that, to another parent, YOUR child may be THAT child, in which case, if they came to me, I would protect your family and honour your child in exactly the same way.


  2. I appreciate that. This was just the emotions that post brought out from 4 years of dealing with THAT kid. My kids have certainly been THAT kid for a variety of reasons but all stop short of being THAT kid because they torment other children and I am thankful for that. This is just what my brain vomited up last night after reading your post. I’m just not ready to be emotionally generous to THAT kid yet.


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